Veterinary Software: Current Developments

the To do list ..

Next Update: december 2020

  • At the request of our customers living in distant countries we will integrate the online help of directly into the software .. no need for internet to consult the help.
  • Development of barcode entry. 

Compliance of invoicing for France: the current "Notes" field must mention
- The order form corresponding to invoicing (if it exists)
- The address of the head office of the main establishment, if you invoice a secondary establishment.
- The mandatory transmission in digital form of invoices addressed to professionals (Pdf format)
- Possibility of saving the original of a supplier invoice in Datavet (Pdf format).

  • Improved input for touch screens.
  • Internet integration regarding access to veterinary sites.
  • Improvement of the animal's medical record, integration of recommendations for diets. (Request from Zoos)
  • Your suggestions are always precious to us