Licence Registration procedure 
Directly From Datavet Software, or from


Open Datavet.
- On the home page, click on the "License" button. (1)

  Click on the blue "Paypal" button (2)
    Your internet browser connects to the Paypal website
  Blue button Automatically generates your login
Keep this identifier, you will be asked after your payment

Once on the site of "Paypal", Fill the window of regulation (3)
we do not manage or collect any of your information.
  (You are not obliged to communicate to Paypal all the requested information.)

Veuillez prendre connaissance de la procédure à venir, puis sur le lien de réinitialisation de la licence, au bas de ce paragraphe.

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At the end of your payment you will be redirected to a screen asking you to enter your ID number (4).
this will calculate your license number which you will return in the Datavet software then click on "Save"

In case of problem contact by clicking HERE