Datavet veterinary software: data verification and consistency

Checking the location of the data

Logiciel veterinaire verifications

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  Verification of existence and location of files. For each line of the list:

 -> Disconnects data from software

       ->  Opens a folder selection window. By default Datavet positions you in the location of the application.
                 ATTENTION: A for each line, the location can be different, but the name of the file, which you are going to select,
                  must be identical to the one mentioned finally in the column "Database location."
                 (ex: The name of the file to search for for the line c: \ Datavet \ Dv_Ag.accdb must be "Dv_Ag.accdb")

       -> Reconnect the data to the software, a message at the bottom of the form informs you of the success of the operation.

    -> Disconnects all the data from the Datavet application,
After maintenance, You must then reconnect them for each line.

   Database files can grow rapidly as you use them, sometimes affecting performance. They can sometimes be damaged. 
You can use this option to avoid or resolve these issues. The compacting process does not compact your data; it reduces the size of the database file by removing unused space. It may also improve the performance of your database.

Checking the default settings

Vérification des parametres par défaut

Check time if your preferences are still present
During installation, its fields are defined by default, the absence of data can compromise the operation of the software (case of automatic creations (eg: prescriptions created "on the fly).
All fields must be completed