Note For countries with a repressive tax administration

Tax dictatorships in some countries require software vendors to provide a certificate of compliance for their application
   This certificate is only issued for versions 9.xx and above, licensed 
and under conditions that you have correctly set up your Datavet software

Strict billing

veterinario software fiscale

Datavet is not a cash register software and is therefore not subject to tax regulations concerning this functionality.
However, if your tax administration is picky, you can restrict how Datavet works.
ATTENTION: After activating this feature, no going back is possible

Current operation :

liste facturation veterinaire

In the "Document Management" section, each document is covered with a pellet RED or GREEN.

  - If this pellet is Green, There is no limitation, This document is considered to be
   "Pending", it remains editable, but it is not taken into account in the accounting.
    (receipts / expenses), and it does not enter into any calculation (except statistics)

  - If this Pastille is RED, the document is considered definitive, it remains
    modifiable and affects all other calculations (VAT, Statistics, Recapitulation recepts and expenses)


facturation veterinaire

If the pellet is red, it will not be possible to modify it or to change its state by clicking on it.
Only the passages of GREEN -> RED will be possible.

 For all invoices with a red tablet, the document will become unalterable
 Deleting an invoice line or deleting a settlement line will be done by
 adding a line with the same values, in negative, as the line you want to delete.

 Same For customer orders. Click on the image to view it.