Datavet veterinary software: consultation management

Medical area (My Job)

logiciel veterinaire zone medicale

 This area and Datavet's central system.
 All your activity of veterinary doctor is centralized in this space.

 From this form you can manage your entire medical environment.

 1 - Create a new client and a new animal        More here

 2 - Access in the injections recall area Tutorial here

 3 - Creation of prescription "on  fly" More Here

 4 - List by owners: Enable search by owner
 5 - List by animals: Gives access to research by chip, passport, tattoo, species.
 6 - Reproductive space: puts in relations the animals intended for the reproduction

 You can refine your search by clicking on the letters at the bottom of the screen or access directly by typing the beginning
of the name in the field at the top of the form.

 if you clic on the file icon at the beginning of a line, you access to the card of all the medical records.

     - Identity
     - Consultations
     - Billing
     - Orders
     - Biochemical analysis
     - Medical certificates
     - Billing status