Datavet is delivered without any username or password

Veterinary sofware home page

From version V.B.C1, you can choose your logo instead of the caduceus provided by default
  - Click on "Rename Modify logo" to display the elements allowing you this modification
Then click on the "button   to validate your change. Only images in "png" format are allowed.

Datavet update

Execute the Datavet upgrade function in the background
after a download.
Datavet voluntarily never connects to the internet.
From time to time, you should check the site for an update.

Backup and restore

Access the screen for saving or recovering your data. Only databases are backed up
For more information click


Security applies immediately:
As soon as you click on this button, and before the appearance of the security management window, an "Admin" user, without a password, is automatically created.
You can then immediately deactivate this user from the form that has just been displayed.

Survival zone

Allows you to access software maintenance and database locations.
This "sensitive" area is dedicated to the maintenance and networking of Datavet. For more information click  HERE
If you are on a network, with security enabled, you must share the security management file on the network.

Language selection

Datavet comes with three possible languages: English, Spanish, French.
The change of language is instantaneous and concerns the entire software. The new commercial documents' Invoices, quotes etc ...) are also translated into the selected language. You can switch from one language to another without affecting your data.

Precision: The data entered in "Hard" remain in the language in which they were entered.
  (ex: References, captions and comments on commercial documents, reminder letters, automated formulations, Orders etc .....)

You can create the same type of document in several languages (eg accompanying text for follow-up letters.
You can select, when editing, the model that best suits the language of your interlocutor.