These strange software, which must be wary ......
Let's be clear, this is pure data theft.
People who have nothing to hide do not have much to say (E.Snowden)

COMODO: Free firewall and anti-virus: Do not download!

COMODO: the so-called firewall that softly reparameters your network card, and which deviates all your connections on its own servers. At first we did not believe it. COMODO looks like a nice product, ergonomic, and discreet.

Huge errator, this software takes full possession of your computer.
This Spy Software, which masquerades as a software for protecting your data, seems to be adorned with all the virtues. In reality, it is extremely unstable and plants quite often.
We had to re-install Windows several times before realizing what it really was.

If it's too late, and you want to remove this software, first remove COMODO from the settings on your network card.
If you are a Datavet customer, we will take care of this operation free of charge.

Acrobat reader... Surprising! But we suspected it a little.

mouchard adobe

We wondered why this logic generates so much update (2 per month minimum).
So we traced what happens on the internet, when you read a pdf file with adobe.
Bad surprise, the document we opened, was systematically redirected to: 1 servers belonging to Adobe, and another belonging to Microsoft.
Apparently everything you read is interesting to them too. See the screen shot generated when using Acrobat.
The green colored lines show the address of the servers to which your document is redirected (without notifying you, of course!).

CCleaner, practical, it is not only a cleaner, use with caution

Microsoft considers this software to be undesirable. They're right, it's mostly undesirable for Microsoft.

It allows you to remove unwanted software that starts at windows startup.
As windows place a lot of his spies in this list, they do not like this software too much,
A function of this small software also allows unmasking software that connects to the internet, without notifying you, under the pretext of updating (the scheduler).

Alas, Ccleaner also connects to the internet permanently, apparently it appears that it is mostly your registry that interresses (Registry = Windows kernel settings, which contains, among other things, all your personal information.)

WINDOW 10. The champion any category of hacking your data.

To know: The Spanish, French, and Italian army are equipped with W10 (sic).
We will not list all the back doors of W10 through which your data escapes.
Just know that everything you do on your computer and retrieved by Microsoft, and, at the same time, delivered to the departments of each country.
If you want more information, contact us via your digital space. (Reserved for our customers)
Below is an example of what is stored in your registry. Proof that microsoft saves your data to your insue, (and of your own free will through the terms of use)

A record of all the documents or programs that you have, used, registered or executed, is recorded with the date and time of their use, since you bought your Pc.

By following the links saved in the registry, it is very easy for Microsoft to recover, and to appropriate any document located on your computer. (For connoisseurs: Start -> Execute -> "regedit" -> search "bags".)

mouchard windows 10