Our services (Exclusive offer, reserved for Datavet license holders)

Hosting your website: 2 Euros per month

We host your website for only 24 Euros per year (including VAT)
You are the exclusive owner of your domain name.

We offer real accommodation, with a real internet address directly accessible anywhere in the world.
You choose your domain name (ex: DoctorGenial.com).
We reserve a dedicated space on our servers located in Luxembourg.
- You send us your photos and your texts.
- We create two free internet pages and put them online.
- We give you your login credentials.
- 2 e-mail addresses will be dedicated to you.

At your expense: The management of your site.
(We will give you a hand for the transfer .. it's free).

Software modification, addons

Addition of a passive input field: 20 euros
Addition of an input field activates (implying(involving) a calculation): 40 euros
Additional language : 110 euros
Other modificartions: on estimate