Veterinary software : Duning Letter

Logiciel veterinaire relance client

Datavet displays the list of pending invoices, even if they are only one day late.

The reference date is the current day's date in addition to the date of the invoice.

In the case of long list, and or several invoices belonging to the same debtor remain unpaid, you can filter this list by recipient.

- Although the order of execution and the choice of the options, do not have any importance, A comfortable in the form of sequential numbering proposes to you a logical order to carry out this operation (Red figure)

Selections et filtres

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Contact filtering

- Datavet displays a list of all outstanding payments of the selected contact.

- Select the bills to be revived by clicking on the pellet at the beginning of each line.
(If Green = the bill and its amount will be included in the reminder.)

- Choose the type of reminder to be carried out for the, or the group of invoices awaiting payment. The basic text for each raise is defined in: Settings -> Reminder Letters

Logiciel veterinaire up letter

Automatic generation of the recovery letter

This reminder contains the invoices you have selected previously. Text and formatting are editable.

You just have to print it or send it by e-mail to your recipient.