Veterinary software : External Software

Declaration of external software in Datavet

params Appli logiciel veterinaire

You can read or execute from Datavet any other external applications (eg File Reading Pdf files, word, excell is ...) provided you declare them in the application settings. You can declare in the right part of the form, as many applications as you want, but only one will have to be selected

Selection : Clic on an item in the list to see the détails parameters of the selected sofware
              The location of the executable is displayed in zone "Software Location"
              You can define as much software as you want. (But only one will be use see the "Assignement" section  below)

                Create a empty virtuel software named "MyNewApps" (see the arrow on the above picture )
                                        you can parameters the sofware definition in the "soffware location" section (see below)

Software Location :  Select the right software location, (generaly it's a ".exe" file extension)
                            After, Choose a small pics representing this application. Datavet is supplied with a battery of standard icones.
                            Make the association button between the application and its functionality. (Spreadsheets, Reader, Editor etc.)

 Assignement :        Selecti the default application you want to use in Datavet.