Define the news databases path

Before any change, you must separate the data from the application for it, For each file you want to share, click the area indicated by the arrow, and select its new pathname.

Basic Network Parameters


Only The Basics :

  • -> Dv_Be (Data, medical and billing) ,
  • -> Dv_Ag (Planing) ,
  • -> Dv_Pr (Application Settings)
  • -> Dv_Ca (Independent billinge)
Can be Shared

Sélection des emplacements réseau

Network Parameters

Select the new location of the database you want to network.
For each modification of the location of the database you must:

1 - Unlink the database
2 - Select the new location
3 - Link the database

Repeat the operation for each database you want to share.


Good Network Parameters

Don't forget to click "Link" on each database you have moved.
You can now close this form and use Datavet on a network.