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logiciel veterinaire reseau

Simply copy all or part of the files listed below to your server computer.

List of files that can be shared, or not on your  server (all this files extention name are : ".accdb")

 Dv_Be : Main database. This file must be moved to your server
 Dv_Ca : Database used only by counter sales. This file can be moved to your server
 DV_Pr : The database of your parameters  may be moved to the serve if you want to share your parametres .
 Hc:          Database of veterinary drugs.  may be moved to the server.

 Dv_Io :  Never copy this database on the your server, leave it in the directory of the application (Workbench)

 Lang    : Multi-language database, d'ont move it to the server. if you want to share your translations copy and paste this database to
               the foreign datavet directory.
 Lg         : Database used only by security management. This database can be moved to your server if you want to
                Connect from any workstation.